Friday, June 27, 2014

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June 27th, 2014


Last night I drank two shots of Smirnoff caramel, one Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, four large gulps of weird-tasting white wine, and one PBR. There is only one word to describe my mood today; I'll let you figure it out.

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Well, what do you know -- I've discovered a new blogger who is really helpful when it comes to blog organization and management. And we all know I need as much information as possible when it comes to riding in the blogging wagon for the rest of my life. I digress. Her website is and since I've found so many helpful articles today, I'll go ahead and link some of my favorites.

Random Fact:

Noodles & Company can't prepare delicious noodles. I ate there for dinner tonight, and I ordered the Japanese Pan. The noodles were cold and dry, as if they had been sitting in the kitchen for a few days and then popped in the microwave for twenty seconds as soon as I ordered them. It was the first time I ever ate there, so I suppose won't be going back -- any time soon, at least. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed. But I shrugged it off, like I always do.

To Do:

I had three strange experiences with restaurants today. I already mentioned the last one above this section, and the first two were just as strange. Christopher and I ate at Chipotle for lunch, and one of the workers must think "a little bit of corn" means the same thing as "hot salsa" because he proceeded to dump hot sauce all over my burrito bowl. "I didn't ask for that," I said, and they had to make a whole new bowl for me. That was just Scene #1. Scene #2 happened at Red Mango, but this time it wasn't my problem -- it was the system's problem. After I bought my froyo, Christopher decided to get froyo too. As soon as he went to pay for it, they told him that their system is down, therefore they couldn't accept credit cards. Keep in mind that I paid for my froyo with my card two minutes before Chris went to buy his. I got really frustrated that they didn't let him have the froyo for free, so I proceeded to dramatically jump out of my chair and burst out of the door. If only both of us had cash in our wallets, right? So then we decided to eat at Noodles & Company where I didn't touch my Japanese Pan because of how disgusting the noodles tasted. So that was what I did on this bizarre day.

My Horoscope:

Friday, June 27 (Moon in Cancer) There's a new moon in your eleventh house today. You make new social contacts, especially when you join a group that supports your interests and passions. You're stubborn when you need to be, especially when you're getting your feelings across. It's also a good day to throw a party and cook up a storm.

I've actually been joining social groups on Facebook and Google+, especially groups for teen bloggers. I'm not even going to deny that part about being stubborn.

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