Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blogging Goals: Where I Am and Where I'm Going to Be

Yesterday I told you I cannot figure out what my blog's theme is. Then I started thinking about how I'm a teenager in that weird stage where everyone expects me to act like an adult. (They also expect me to know what I'm talking about 100% of the time just because I've accomplished one year of college). Then I thought, "Well, what if I'll be in this stage for quite a long time -- a stage where I'll never really know how to act like an adult and know what I'm talking about?" And really, it's all about being someone, a weird kid in their young adulthood, for instance, who is "going on adult." That's the stage we're all in, right? We're trying to figure out when to smile at the right times, when to be polite or when to laugh our heads off, and when it's okay to cry. We're all going on adult -- even me.

And that was the birth of Going on Adult.

Now I'll move on to something even deeper (can you believe it?): blogging goals. If you're a blogger, and you don't have them, you're supposed to have them. (So what are you waiting for? Get out a pen and paper and right those babies down!)

Story time: I read somewhere that 3% of a college graduating class were told to right down their goals -- long-term and short-term. These students wrote down their goals, looked at them every day, and worked hard to accomplish them. It turns out that this small fraction of students ended up accomplishing more during their college career than the other 97% of that graduating class. Cool, right?

So that explains why goals are so important. Visualizing them leads to writing them down; writing them down leads to remembering them; remembering them leads to accomplishing them. And guess what: Being a blogger is no different from trying to earn a Bachelor's degree! OK, that was your dose of sarcasm for the day. Being a blogger is very different from so many things. But still, every blogger should have goals, and I recommend you write them down. Even post them on one of your posts to motivate other bloggers, similar to what I'm doing right now.

1) Mature as a blogger.

2) Become good enough -- and official enough -- to transfer your blog to WordPress. (Maybe after a year of blogging?)

3) Understand and interact with your audience.

4) Create a consistent blogging schedule, i.e. publish a blog post this many times per day/per week.

5) Be able to pinpoint your blog's theme and what it has to offer for others.

So here are my first five goals. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list later, but at least I have a head start. By the way, even if you're not a blogger, have you written down your goals yet? Go! Do!

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